Mind of an engineer; heart of a scientist; entrepreneurial spirit


Trained in engineering, physics, and sustainability


20 years in energy & environment, telecom, and tech development



Fluent in English; intermediate in French


Executive awards for leadership, collaboration, customer orientation, analysis, and problem-solving

Peer awards for project management, product development, documentation quality, training, and field deployment


Curious Researcher, Insightful Analyst, Thoughtful System Architect

  • Leverage powerful questions, keen observations, and trend recognition to provide insightful exploration of ideas and issues
  • Juggle complex relevant variables for rich, thorough analysis that deepens understanding
  • Employ forecasting, backcasting, and scenario analysis to reveal the most compelling path
  • Design useful visualizations, systems, and tools to clarify strategies and aid implementation

Special Investigator

  • Tackle complex challenges with curiosity, creativity, and resourcefulness
  • Blend methodical problem-solving approaches with fresh perspectives
  • Shrink problems, grow solutions, and throw victory dance parties

Celebrated Communicator, Playful Idea Interpreter, Engaging Teacher

  • Demonstrate a rare ability to bridge the gap by translating big ideas—especially science and technology—to a range of audiences through simple, clever, quirky explanations
  • Remove clutter to focus on the power and simplicity of ideas and solutions
  • Use colourful descriptions, humour, and wit to build interest, understanding, and clarity
  • Continually hear grateful comments like, “I’ve NEVER understood how that works until now!”

Innovation Enthusiast & Change Agent

  • Encourage long-term thinking and drive incremental and disruptive progress
  • Believe innovation and collaboration can solve many of the world’s problems

Project Showcase

Sample projects that demonstrate my range of skills. Click for details.

Science & Tech

Optical Link Receiver Eye Investigator


Improv Comedy
Guest Dancer

Five-time Houseboat
Fleet Admiral

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