Mind of an engineer; heart of a scientist; entrepreneurial spirit


Trained in engineering, physics, and sustainability


20 years in energy & environment, telecom, and tech development


Fluent in English; intermediate in French


Executive awards for leadership, collaboration, customer orientation, analysis, and problem-solving

Peer awards for project management, product development, documentation quality, training, and field deployment


Curious Researcher, Insightful Analyst, Thoughtful System Architect

Leverage powerful questions, keen observations, and trend recognition to provide insightful exploration of ideas and issues

Juggle complex relevant variables for rich, thorough analysis that deepens understanding

Employ forecasting, backcasting, and scenario analysis to reveal the most compelling path

Design useful visualizations, systems, and tools to clarify strategies and aid implementation

Special Investigator

Tackle complex challenges with curiosity, creativity, and resourcefulness

Blend methodical problem-solving approaches with fresh perspectives

Shrink problems, grow solutions, and throw victory dance parties

Celebrated Communicator, Playful Idea Interpreter, Engaging Teacher

Demonstrate a rare ability to bridge the gap by translating big ideas—especially science and technology—to a range of audiences through simple, clever, quirky explanations

Remove clutter to focus on the power and simplicity of ideas and solutions

Use colourful descriptions, humour, and wit to build interest, understanding, and clarity

Continually hear grateful comments like, “I’ve NEVER understood how that works until now!”

Innovation Enthusiast & Change Agent

Encourage long-term thinking and drive incremental and disruptive progress

Project Showcase

Sample projects that demonstrate my range of skills. Click for details.

Science & Tech

Optical Link Receiver Eye Investigator


Improv Comedy
Guest Dancer
Five-time Houseboat
Fleet Admiral

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